social media


No doubt that social media has become a massive part of our lives. Various apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Snapchat help you stay connected with your loved ones, catch up with the news, meet new people, or find beautiful destinations to travel. However, spending big chunks of time while scrolling through your feed on different apps can make you feel more anxious, stressed out, and drained from all the information. 

Now the question is that how will you determine whether you need a social media detox or not? 

The first step is to evaluate how social networking impacts your life and makes you feel. Is it affecting your mental health? Is it taking time away from your physical activity? How about your productivity or innovativeness?

There’s nothing innately wrong with investing energy in social networking. The important thing is to utilize it with reason and objective and maintain your health and wellness. But if you identify any negative impact upon reflection that social media is damaging your well-being, then maybe it’s time for a social media detox!

Try out the following expert-proved tips and tricks to help you build a healthy connection with social media and disconnect a little to maintain your health.

Delete Social Media Application

You will have to disconnect yourself completely for the platform that you think is the most damaging. It is a required step to move further, and it is guaranteed that you will not succeed if you keep the app installed in your gadgets during the detox. You may find it hard, so try with a shorter detox, i.e., take an off for 12 hours from the toxic platform. Once you experiment it, you will find it more doable to delete it entirely.

Detoxify Your Mind With the Help of a Friend

Having somebody to hold you accountable for your doings can have a significant effect on your overall performance. Whether your goal is to shed pounds, get fit, or limit social media time, find someone you can incline towards will help you focus better on the objective.

Put a Rubber Band Around the Phone

This simple trick can help you stay in check by thoughtlessly grabbing your phone. Whenever you try to pick your phone, this physical obstacle encourages you to consider what you are doing.