Life revolves in circles – your phone rings, and you’re booked for yet another important meeting. A bright Sunday morning that you cannot enjoy because you have household errands to attend. Or, your professor has assigned a surprise assignment that may cost your well-deserved weekend – this never stops, and you’re a part of it. 

Do you remember the last time you took a pause – a downtime from your never-ending routine life? A break that helps you get to relax, revive your jumbled thought process, and just be yourself—a pause where you can only be yourself and connect to your inner-self.

Taking a moment to pause is about being free from the worldly chores, resuscitating your inner-soul, feeling connected to nature, and self-care. The renowned motivational speaker, Dr. Roopleen, explained it as:

Whatever phase of life you are in, make time to pause and reflect where you are heading towards. It is a good time to insert a comma now and realign yourself to your inner self before your life ends in a full stop.

Pausing your unstoppable life has several associated benefits:

  • Living around-the-clock is impossible, and taking a necessary pause keeps you from total exhaustion.
  • It helps you reevaluate your priorities and future goals.
  • You will have a fresh perspective of life with a clearer vision.
  • A well-timed pause enables you to relieve stress and anxiety.

Taking a break is not always about having a dream holiday. Break from technology, being more connected to nature, reading your favorite literature while sipping on your favorite drink, and having a regular self-care routine also fall in the same ambit.

Let us know how you enjoy your moment of pause.

A good night’s sleep is the key for a person to obtain ideal health and performance to get their errands done more efficiently and actively. Nowadays, people are less worried about sleep and more concerned and focused on work. All this happens due to the build-up of a cumbersome workload that results in a stressful routine that keeps you awake during nighttime and also during the day. People don’t understand that sleep deprivation can damage your well-being more than any other activity. 

As Matthew Carter, a Ph.D. in sleep specialist at Williams College, says, “You are always able to get more things done on a good night’s sleep, not less.” Rather than skipping sleep and trying to get more things done within 24 hours, you should relish a healthy and tranquil sleep at night and see the difference it can make in your performance during daily activities. 

Getting less sleep will directly affect your overall health, including mental health and heart diseases as when you sleep, your blood pressure goes down, giving rest to your blood vessels; if not done then the consistent high blood pressure can also lead to heart strokes. 

You must have noticed that whenever you skip sleep, you feel dizzy, forget stuff, and feel glumpy for the whole day. You may be even most likely to have conflicts with others over petty things just because of your insufficient nighttime sleep. It is because of lack of sleep, it messes up with your head and disturbs your ability of focus, decision-making, alertness, memory, and many more. 

A good night of sleep will help you feel energized, fresh, and active. It will improve your fussy mood, and you will be able to achieve your goals with optimal performance throughout the day. 

Yoga for mindfulness is merely allowing yourself to take a moment to breathe and genuinely be present amidst yourself and your surroundings. Sometimes you go around your day and have so much jabber going on in your mind. You feel stressed over your work, life, and family, but you need to rest your mind from all the chatter and chaos going on around you. Take a deep breath, unwind, and dedicate some time to your well-being to achieve a state of peace. 

There never is, or was, or will be anything except the present. (Allan Watts)

Rehearsing mindfulness yoga poses will help you stay in the present moment and bring peace to your inner self. You need to let go of the negative energy taking over your head and heart and learn to bring in positive and amicable energy. Simmer down, be present, and take a deep breath and just relax. 

Yoga poses for Mindfulness.

A simple 15-20 minute self-time out whether in the morning or evening or at night will help you rebalance your mind, body, and spirit. Grab your mat, grab your water, and get on started.

Hero’s pose: 

It is incredible to stretch the thighs, highest points of feet and ankles, and extend the spine. It’s also beneficial for sitting in after the main meal to stimulate better digestion or improve your posture while relaxing your nerves.

Lateral Bend: 

Expanding the side waist and extending the intercostal muscles serves to be an incredible method to de-stress, improve digestion, and increase your breath limit. It is also well-known for increasing back strength and enhances flexibility.

Child’s pose: 

It works great for providing ease to the tightness and aches of the lower back. It also works for opening the chest, inner thighs, and groin. It benefits from relaxing your body and reducing fatigue from the stress and tension built up on your muscles. 

Sit forward fold: 

With this simple pose, you will experience meditation while further increasing the breath limit. It will help lengthen the spine and side waist and stretch the shoulders, chest, and intercostal muscles.

All these poses not only help you relax your body but also help you to know about your body and be more present in the actual moment.

No doubt that social media has become a massive part of our lives. Various apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Snapchat help you stay connected with your loved ones, catch up with the news, meet new people, or find beautiful destinations to travel. However, spending big chunks of time while scrolling through your feed on different apps can make you feel more anxious, stressed out, and drained from all the information. 

Now the question is that how will you determine whether you need a social media detox or not? 

The first step is to evaluate how social networking impacts your life and makes you feel. Is it affecting your mental health? Is it taking time away from your physical activity? How about your productivity or innovativeness?

There’s nothing innately wrong with investing energy in social networking. The important thing is to utilize it with reason and objective and maintain your health and wellness. But if you identify any negative impact upon reflection that social media is damaging your well-being, then maybe it’s time for a social media detox!

Try out the following expert-proved tips and tricks to help you build a healthy connection with social media and disconnect a little to maintain your health.

Delete Social Media Application

You will have to disconnect yourself completely for the platform that you think is the most damaging. It is a required step to move further, and it is guaranteed that you will not succeed if you keep the app installed in your gadgets during the detox. You may find it hard, so try with a shorter detox, i.e., take an off for 12 hours from the toxic platform. Once you experiment it, you will find it more doable to delete it entirely.

Detoxify Your Mind With the Help of a Friend

Having somebody to hold you accountable for your doings can have a significant effect on your overall performance. Whether your goal is to shed pounds, get fit, or limit social media time, find someone you can incline towards will help you focus better on the objective.

Put a Rubber Band Around the Phone

This simple trick can help you stay in check by thoughtlessly grabbing your phone. Whenever you try to pick your phone, this physical obstacle encourages you to consider what you are doing.

Prioritizing your life activities or your daily chores can bring absolute ease to your life, and the same goes for eating habits. Whether you are attempting to get in shape or striving to eat healthier, keeping a food journal or food diary can assist you a lot with supplementing positivity in your life. It is a beneficial tool in making you accountable for writing down every snack or meal that you consume throughout the day. Moreover, it will also help you acknowledge your dietary patterns and support you in recognizing the foods that you eat randomly during the day. 

Experts have agreed that consistency and accuracy are essential to successful journaling and weight maintenance. The following points have explained the benefits of keeping a food journal.

Identify Your Portion Sizes:

Writing a food journal will keep you accountable for the size of your meals. It can be hard to control your portions when eating at various places that offer enormous plates and jumbo-sized cups for soda. So before starting, do some proper research on portion sizes or consult a dietitian to get in-depth detail about how much you should consume at one time.

Recognizing food Intolerances:

It enables your body’s defense mechanism to identify foods that your body strongly condemns or reacts to. This will help you in watching over the foods that have caused a reaction in your body. Writing down what you eat and how you feel a while later can help you decide whether you have a negative response to specific foods or not. You might be intolerant to these foods if you feel bloated and nauseous after eating gluten, peanuts, eggs, or dairy.

Don’t miss out on even a minor thing!

A feeling of despair that you may feel when the number on the weight machine does not match the ones on the diary may occur because of neglecting minute details of your meals. Just because nuts and seeds are small doesn’t mean that they don’t contain enough calories. But sometimes, those six almonds that they eat just walking by the kitchen or pantry can contribute as a one full serving size of fats. Hence, never presume that any food item will spare you from bulking up your calories.

People typically prefer to follow a day time routine and neglect an evening ritual because mornings are the beginning of the day and are considered to be more scheduled and structured. We ignore the fact that dawns when combined with a planned dusk, can provide us ample time to rest and unwind from the stress of the entire day.

Here is a list of some amazing habits that can be developed if you intend to use both of your busy mornings and lazy evenings.  

Minimize your screen time

Avoid spending time in front of screens when you reach home. Many people believe that watching TV or scrolling through social media is a part of resting. But, instead, it exhausts your eyes more than they previously were. All the unrelated and inappropriate information takes up so much of your brain space that it drains you and makes you more worried and lazy.

Additionally, the blue light emitted from your laptop or mobile screens interferes with your sleeping patterns. This results in a night full of restlessness and shifting sides in search of some peaceful slumber.

Switch your shower time

Don’t spend an extra hour in the morning taking a bath and then getting ready. Alternatively, you can rearrange your timing and use your evenings to take a warm and comforting shower.

Researches have proved that taking a warm bath at least 1-2 hours before bedtime improves sleep and can be very therapeutic. Light up some aroma candles and freshen up the environment to make your bathing more restful.

Plan a Shutdown Ritual

Design a closing routine and stick to it for the rest of your life. As soon as you return home from work, change your clothes, take a bath, get fresh, eat a healthy dinner, and spend time with your family. When you enter your room after all the previous activities, declutter your bedroom and prepare your outfits for the next day. Set a clean and beautiful bed for yourself with all your essentials lying on your side tables, such as a water bottle or an alarm clock. This shutdown ritual will help you to stay systematized and give you enough time to wind down and tranquilize your storming mind.

Lastly, don’t take your work at home! 

Learn to keep a disconnection between both because once you get used to carrying your work home, you will lose all your time to relax from a restless day.

Have you ever contemplated your health status? Has this thought ever struck your mind of fixing your problems from the inside rather than outside? If no, then it’s prime time to consider the well-being of your inner body instead of your outer beauty. You might be aware of the customary healthy practices that always assert eating fruits and vegetables, taking your dairy, or having a good night’s slumber. No doubt that these habits are 100% effective but, today, we are here to guide you about some very unique practices that, if perceived correctly, will help you live a healthy lifestyle while reducing your risk of getting prone to several diseases.

  • Don’t limit your protein intake to only poultry or red meat because chicken does not provide enough nutrients that your body needs, and consuming a lot of red meat, without trimming the excess fat will lead to cardiovascular disorders. So, supplement your weekly diet with some scrumptious fish meals. Fishes are generally a low-fat, high-quality protein and a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and some vitamins and minerals in ample amounts, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium, iodine, potassium, and vitamin D and B2.
  • Never forget drinking water alternatively; make it your best buddy for the rest of your life. We literally have no idea that what a blessing water is! There are millions of people who are dying of thirst or begging for clean water supply. Be thankful for what you have, and from rising till sleep time, drink at least 2 litres or more of water to keep your body fully hydrated and revived.
  • Since childhood, many of us have developed the habit of skipping breakfast while rushing for work or school. But, once you grow up and lethargy is incited in your body, you will realize the value of a healthy and filling breakfast. Consuming a sizeable first meal of the day with zero nutrients can be damaging, so instead, you can choose oatmeal, muesli, eggs, fruit shake, or 100% fruit and vegetable juice. There are plenty of choices for a light but energizing breakfast, so never skip breakfast as it can cause low productivity and full-time laziness rather than energy.
  • For those who always mourn weight gain, becoming a slow eater can help you win the war with your never-ending hunger. Once you limit your portion size and develop the habit of slow eating, you will soon get exhausted and with the tiring process of chewing and swallowing for so long. Research has proved that those who eat at a comparatively faster pace are more prone to obesity and other ailments as compared to slow eaters. Additionally, it aids in better digestion, body hydration, and satisfies your hunger quickly.
  • Opt for baking or grilling your foods instead of frying because no matter how many vegetables or proteins you are consuming, if cooked in plenty of oil, it will instantly add unnecessary calories and saturated fats to your plate. While baking or grilling are two techniques of cooking food that use less oil and hence prove to be a better alternative for cooking.

Remote work has transpired in this modern world, especially during the COVID-19 quarantine. People have confined themselves within their walls, and there is an increase in the perception of personal freedom that has grown into every home worker. Some people might not find it challenging to keep both work and home separate, but it can get demanding for others. 

All humans must maintain a psychological balance between work and household so that things don’t start to get rough within a matter of days. Otherwise, it will drive you into a lifestyle full of stress and anxiety, and your work routine might easily fall apart. 

But don’t stress out! We have got your back! We have listed some of the best stress-busting tips or techniques which you can promptly adapt to release stress while working at home.

Dress to De-stress

Start your mornings by drenching yourself in a warm bath. Put on beautiful, chic, and clean clothes that will instantly help you elevate your mood and perception. Comb your hair and tie them into a sleek ponytail or a bun and wear some makeup. No one would disagree that the ultimate combination of a sleek ponytail and luminous makeup can boost any lady’s mood while making them feel empowered.

Make To-Do Lists To Get Things Done In Order

One of the most significant assets of operating at home is that you can schedule your day in your own sweats. Make a daily to-do list and prioritize your task from most urgent to the least. It will help you to estimate the time you would take for each job. Doing so will make you feel victorious by the end of the day.

Take Breaks For Unwinding

Working straight on your laptop for consecutive hours can get very depressing. Try taking mini-breaks of around 5-10 minutes in between your work hours. This practice will help you restore your mental focus. In these breaks, you can do go out in your home-garden and grab some fresh air. Eat some nuts, dark chocolate or a bowl of fruit, or do some stretches — do anything that makes you feel relaxed within these 10-15 minutes. Make sure these activities should be enough to distract you from your work stress and but still not derail you from your primary task. 

Your mind is the key to your success. If you work on your mindset first, everything will sort itself out automatically. Everything happens on the mental level, before it manifests on the physical level. To make a thing happen, you have to imagine it, believe it first, then plan it out, and work it out, only then you will be able to see the results. If you notice, 80% of the task is being done by your mind. If your mind is not in healthy condition, you can never expect creativity, productivity and success from yourself.

We already know this all, right? But the question is, how to manage to achieve the healthy mindset in regular daily life. The process is not as hard as you think it to be. Its rather simple things but requires a lot of determination to achieve.

So, without ado, here I describe you the 5 key habits to achieve the healthy mindset in no time.


If you look into the daily routine of successful people around the world, you will find one thing in common, they all tend to rise up early. This concept of early rising is not over rated. Try to rise before the sun and soon you will start to feel the change in you. Why so? Let me explain. That time of the day is spared from hustle, you can meditate, give yourself some time to reboot.


If you prefer to exercise, do it. May be running, swimming or yoga, whatever you like. It will get your energy levels high to get through all day. You can also dump your brain by writing journal. Write about all the disturbing thoughts and things that make you anxious and then read it aloud. You will get to know a lot things that you were unaware of. Then plan, how to prevent those mistakes and errors in the day to start.


It is very important to give a pause in your busy timings, once in a while. Let yourself know if you’re surrounded with any kind of negativity, bad comments, demotivated with the set backs etc. The idea is, if you know it timely then you will be able to fix it within time, before these invisible factors start to become evident in your work. It will prevent the burnouts, help you to stay positive and motivated.


You have to constantly review your to do list and do the amendments as per the requirement of the time. The priorities of the tasks that we assign to ourselves tend to change frequently, so the plan to get it done should be flexible to keep your day manageable.


If you plan your day a night before, it will save your time and energy tremendously. It will keep you from nervousness and anxiety of the work load. You will be able to guide yourself that what to do and when to do, with perfect planning. During the whole day, keep checking whether you’re lagging behind or the time distribution was right, if not, then next time you will be knowing how to get it done properly

Following these tips will help you declutter your life. Your mind will be at peace and you will feel more accomplished, everyday.

Self-care is so vital in the hustle and bustle of daily life. With work, school, family, and many other responsibilities that pull on us most hours of the day, it is so important to remember to fill your tank up as you pour into others. This can be done on a day to day basis with small self-care practices designed to simply top off or fill the tank half-way, but sometimes we need complete washes of the soul and full-tank fill-ups.  

A great way to completely re-center yourself is to dedicate an evening to yourself. Whatever fills you up, makes you happy, and relaxes your heart is what you should fill a self-care evening with, so here are a few ideas you can follow when planning your self-care night. 

First, it is important to set the scene. This depends on what situation you are in, and what you want out of your self-care night. If you have kids and you need a night to yourself, ask your spouse or your parents or even a babysitter or friend to take them for a couple of hours. If you’re a workaholic who never gets to spend time with the kids and that’s what you’re looking for, take a break. Tie up loose strings, let people know you won’t be available, and most importantly, turn off the device that connects you to your work. Whether that’s your phone, your laptop, or even your brain, shut it down. 

Once you have your distractions put away, now is your time to really dive into what it means to take care of yourself. Are you dying to get out with your friends? Now is the time to go. Craving a movie night with the family? Pop some popcorn and get cuddly. Need some quality time with the hubs? Call a sitter. Even if you have friends and family, sometimes you just need time to yourself! If that’s you, fill up your tub, add some essential oils, and put on some calming music. Order in your favorite food and binge your favorite show in your comfiest clothes.  

Self-care is about taking care of you. This means whatever makes you happy is what you should prioritize. Everyone around you is important, and they should not be forgotten or disregarded, but just like you can’t put someone else’s air mask on if you’re passed out, sometimes you need to take care of yourself first in order to help others. I hope that you are able to find the space and time you need to prioritize and love yourself!