Yoga for mindfulness is merely allowing yourself to take a moment to breathe and genuinely be present amidst yourself and your surroundings. Sometimes you go around your day and have so much jabber going on in your mind. You feel stressed over your work, life, and family, but you need to rest your mind from all the chatter and chaos going on around you. Take a deep breath, unwind, and dedicate some time to your well-being to achieve a state of peace. 

There never is, or was, or will be anything except the present. (Allan Watts)

Rehearsing mindfulness yoga poses will help you stay in the present moment and bring peace to your inner self. You need to let go of the negative energy taking over your head and heart and learn to bring in positive and amicable energy. Simmer down, be present, and take a deep breath and just relax. 

Yoga poses for Mindfulness.

A simple 15-20 minute self-time out whether in the morning or evening or at night will help you rebalance your mind, body, and spirit. Grab your mat, grab your water, and get on started.

Hero’s pose: 

It is incredible to stretch the thighs, highest points of feet and ankles, and extend the spine. It’s also beneficial for sitting in after the main meal to stimulate better digestion or improve your posture while relaxing your nerves.

Lateral Bend: 

Expanding the side waist and extending the intercostal muscles serves to be an incredible method to de-stress, improve digestion, and increase your breath limit. It is also well-known for increasing back strength and enhances flexibility.

Child’s pose: 

It works great for providing ease to the tightness and aches of the lower back. It also works for opening the chest, inner thighs, and groin. It benefits from relaxing your body and reducing fatigue from the stress and tension built up on your muscles. 

Sit forward fold: 

With this simple pose, you will experience meditation while further increasing the breath limit. It will help lengthen the spine and side waist and stretch the shoulders, chest, and intercostal muscles.

All these poses not only help you relax your body but also help you to know about your body and be more present in the actual moment.

Your mind is the key to your success. If you work on your mindset first, everything will sort itself out automatically. Everything happens on the mental level, before it manifests on the physical level. To make a thing happen, you have to imagine it, believe it first, then plan it out, and work it out, only then you will be able to see the results. If you notice, 80% of the task is being done by your mind. If your mind is not in healthy condition, you can never expect creativity, productivity and success from yourself.

We already know this all, right? But the question is, how to manage to achieve the healthy mindset in regular daily life. The process is not as hard as you think it to be. Its rather simple things but requires a lot of determination to achieve.

So, without ado, here I describe you the 5 key habits to achieve the healthy mindset in no time.


If you look into the daily routine of successful people around the world, you will find one thing in common, they all tend to rise up early. This concept of early rising is not over rated. Try to rise before the sun and soon you will start to feel the change in you. Why so? Let me explain. That time of the day is spared from hustle, you can meditate, give yourself some time to reboot.


If you prefer to exercise, do it. May be running, swimming or yoga, whatever you like. It will get your energy levels high to get through all day. You can also dump your brain by writing journal. Write about all the disturbing thoughts and things that make you anxious and then read it aloud. You will get to know a lot things that you were unaware of. Then plan, how to prevent those mistakes and errors in the day to start.


It is very important to give a pause in your busy timings, once in a while. Let yourself know if you’re surrounded with any kind of negativity, bad comments, demotivated with the set backs etc. The idea is, if you know it timely then you will be able to fix it within time, before these invisible factors start to become evident in your work. It will prevent the burnouts, help you to stay positive and motivated.


You have to constantly review your to do list and do the amendments as per the requirement of the time. The priorities of the tasks that we assign to ourselves tend to change frequently, so the plan to get it done should be flexible to keep your day manageable.


If you plan your day a night before, it will save your time and energy tremendously. It will keep you from nervousness and anxiety of the work load. You will be able to guide yourself that what to do and when to do, with perfect planning. During the whole day, keep checking whether you’re lagging behind or the time distribution was right, if not, then next time you will be knowing how to get it done properly

Following these tips will help you declutter your life. Your mind will be at peace and you will feel more accomplished, everyday.