Prioritizing your life activities or your daily chores can bring absolute ease to your life, and the same goes for eating habits. Whether you are attempting to get in shape or striving to eat healthier, keeping a food journal or food diary can assist you a lot with supplementing positivity in your life. It is a beneficial tool in making you accountable for writing down every snack or meal that you consume throughout the day. Moreover, it will also help you acknowledge your dietary patterns and support you in recognizing the foods that you eat randomly during the day. 

Experts have agreed that consistency and accuracy are essential to successful journaling and weight maintenance. The following points have explained the benefits of keeping a food journal.

Identify Your Portion Sizes:

Writing a food journal will keep you accountable for the size of your meals. It can be hard to control your portions when eating at various places that offer enormous plates and jumbo-sized cups for soda. So before starting, do some proper research on portion sizes or consult a dietitian to get in-depth detail about how much you should consume at one time.

Recognizing food Intolerances:

It enables your body’s defense mechanism to identify foods that your body strongly condemns or reacts to. This will help you in watching over the foods that have caused a reaction in your body. Writing down what you eat and how you feel a while later can help you decide whether you have a negative response to specific foods or not. You might be intolerant to these foods if you feel bloated and nauseous after eating gluten, peanuts, eggs, or dairy.

Don’t miss out on even a minor thing!

A feeling of despair that you may feel when the number on the weight machine does not match the ones on the diary may occur because of neglecting minute details of your meals. Just because nuts and seeds are small doesn’t mean that they don’t contain enough calories. But sometimes, those six almonds that they eat just walking by the kitchen or pantry can contribute as a one full serving size of fats. Hence, never presume that any food item will spare you from bulking up your calories.

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