Have you ever contemplated your health status? Has this thought ever struck your mind of fixing your problems from the inside rather than outside? If no, then it’s prime time to consider the well-being of your inner body instead of your outer beauty. You might be aware of the customary healthy practices that always assert eating fruits and vegetables, taking your dairy, or having a good night’s slumber. No doubt that these habits are 100% effective but, today, we are here to guide you about some very unique practices that, if perceived correctly, will help you live a healthy lifestyle while reducing your risk of getting prone to several diseases.

  • Don’t limit your protein intake to only poultry or red meat because chicken does not provide enough nutrients that your body needs, and consuming a lot of red meat, without trimming the excess fat will lead to cardiovascular disorders. So, supplement your weekly diet with some scrumptious fish meals. Fishes are generally a low-fat, high-quality protein and a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and some vitamins and minerals in ample amounts, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium, iodine, potassium, and vitamin D and B2.
  • Never forget drinking water alternatively; make it your best buddy for the rest of your life. We literally have no idea that what a blessing water is! There are millions of people who are dying of thirst or begging for clean water supply. Be thankful for what you have, and from rising till sleep time, drink at least 2 litres or more of water to keep your body fully hydrated and revived.
  • Since childhood, many of us have developed the habit of skipping breakfast while rushing for work or school. But, once you grow up and lethargy is incited in your body, you will realize the value of a healthy and filling breakfast. Consuming a sizeable first meal of the day with zero nutrients can be damaging, so instead, you can choose oatmeal, muesli, eggs, fruit shake, or 100% fruit and vegetable juice. There are plenty of choices for a light but energizing breakfast, so never skip breakfast as it can cause low productivity and full-time laziness rather than energy.
  • For those who always mourn weight gain, becoming a slow eater can help you win the war with your never-ending hunger. Once you limit your portion size and develop the habit of slow eating, you will soon get exhausted and with the tiring process of chewing and swallowing for so long. Research has proved that those who eat at a comparatively faster pace are more prone to obesity and other ailments as compared to slow eaters. Additionally, it aids in better digestion, body hydration, and satisfies your hunger quickly.
  • Opt for baking or grilling your foods instead of frying because no matter how many vegetables or proteins you are consuming, if cooked in plenty of oil, it will instantly add unnecessary calories and saturated fats to your plate. While baking or grilling are two techniques of cooking food that use less oil and hence prove to be a better alternative for cooking.

Ella Gray

I’m an Austin-based travel addict with a love of effortless style, ’70s music (everything from garage punk to reggae!), cuddly dogs and fitness/health. Before beginning Mist & Mood, my professional career ranged from public relations to fashion journalism to communications, culminating in me ultimately going full-time with Mist & Mood in 2020.

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