Remote work has transpired in this modern world, especially during the COVID-19 quarantine. People have confined themselves within their walls, and there is an increase in the perception of personal freedom that has grown into every home worker. Some people might not find it challenging to keep both work and home separate, but it can get demanding for others. 

All humans must maintain a psychological balance between work and household so that things don’t start to get rough within a matter of days. Otherwise, it will drive you into a lifestyle full of stress and anxiety, and your work routine might easily fall apart. 

But don’t stress out! We have got your back! We have listed some of the best stress-busting tips or techniques which you can promptly adapt to release stress while working at home.

Dress to De-stress

Start your mornings by drenching yourself in a warm bath. Put on beautiful, chic, and clean clothes that will instantly help you elevate your mood and perception. Comb your hair and tie them into a sleek ponytail or a bun and wear some makeup. No one would disagree that the ultimate combination of a sleek ponytail and luminous makeup can boost any lady’s mood while making them feel empowered.

Make To-Do Lists To Get Things Done In Order

One of the most significant assets of operating at home is that you can schedule your day in your own sweats. Make a daily to-do list and prioritize your task from most urgent to the least. It will help you to estimate the time you would take for each job. Doing so will make you feel victorious by the end of the day.

Take Breaks For Unwinding

Working straight on your laptop for consecutive hours can get very depressing. Try taking mini-breaks of around 5-10 minutes in between your work hours. This practice will help you restore your mental focus. In these breaks, you can do go out in your home-garden and grab some fresh air. Eat some nuts, dark chocolate or a bowl of fruit, or do some stretches — do anything that makes you feel relaxed within these 10-15 minutes. Make sure these activities should be enough to distract you from your work stress and but still not derail you from your primary task. 

Ella Gray

I’m an Austin-based travel addict with a love of effortless style, ’70s music (everything from garage punk to reggae!), cuddly dogs and fitness/health. Before beginning Mist & Mood, my professional career ranged from public relations to fashion journalism to communications, culminating in me ultimately going full-time with Mist & Mood in 2020.

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