Self-care is so vital in the hustle and bustle of daily life. With work, school, family, and many other responsibilities that pull on us most hours of the day, it is so important to remember to fill your tank up as you pour into others. This can be done on a day to day basis with small self-care practices designed to simply top off or fill the tank half-way, but sometimes we need complete washes of the soul and full-tank fill-ups.  

A great way to completely re-center yourself is to dedicate an evening to yourself. Whatever fills you up, makes you happy, and relaxes your heart is what you should fill a self-care evening with, so here are a few ideas you can follow when planning your self-care night. 

First, it is important to set the scene. This depends on what situation you are in, and what you want out of your self-care night. If you have kids and you need a night to yourself, ask your spouse or your parents or even a babysitter or friend to take them for a couple of hours. If you’re a workaholic who never gets to spend time with the kids and that’s what you’re looking for, take a break. Tie up loose strings, let people know you won’t be available, and most importantly, turn off the device that connects you to your work. Whether that’s your phone, your laptop, or even your brain, shut it down. 

Once you have your distractions put away, now is your time to really dive into what it means to take care of yourself. Are you dying to get out with your friends? Now is the time to go. Craving a movie night with the family? Pop some popcorn and get cuddly. Need some quality time with the hubs? Call a sitter. Even if you have friends and family, sometimes you just need time to yourself! If that’s you, fill up your tub, add some essential oils, and put on some calming music. Order in your favorite food and binge your favorite show in your comfiest clothes.  

Self-care is about taking care of you. This means whatever makes you happy is what you should prioritize. Everyone around you is important, and they should not be forgotten or disregarded, but just like you can’t put someone else’s air mask on if you’re passed out, sometimes you need to take care of yourself first in order to help others. I hope that you are able to find the space and time you need to prioritize and love yourself! 

Ella Gray

I’m an Austin-based travel addict with a love of effortless style, ’70s music (everything from garage punk to reggae!), cuddly dogs and fitness/health. Before beginning Mist & Mood, my professional career ranged from public relations to fashion journalism to communications, culminating in me ultimately going full-time with Mist & Mood in 2020.

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